Why we update EliteX platform into EliteX Accelerator?

EliteX Exchange
Nov 13, 2020


by Hedy

We have spent a long time with a platform focusing on Lisk ecosystem at the aim of providing a free platform for projects or applications on Lisk.

As the timing is not that right, we think accelerator is better for Lisk ecosystem. Although in blockchain/crypto industry,projects are more like facing to the public directly. Sometimes, to start a success thing also needs traditional experiences. For instance, Neo started in a traditional accelerator.

So before introducing what we provide, we will introduce some knowledge about startups:

In the traditional business world, normally startup grows up in different stages. Before they become a great company, they will receive capitals from different stages.


However, an idea or a great plan cannot simply absorb funds. So, we also want to grow up as a good accelerator. Checked all different accelerators, each one has its own characters.

According to the Harvard Business Review:


Now move to us

We now here provided:

The same with the traditional accelerator of VCs:

!Advice for finance, especially we know some local capitals;

!Advice for the Asian market, after all, company needs the market;

!Knowledge about technology;

!Empty seats for startups;

!Some contacts in the local market

What special for us:

!Focus on the blockchain industry

!Would love to help projects in Lisk



Anyway, we would love to go along with you. Meanwhile, we will share some info about local market and knowledge in finance industry to help startups.

EliteX now has several successful investments: LSK, VET, LEND(AAVE) and other projects from both primary market and secondary market.



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