The Lisk Meetup, Alpha SDK & EliteX version 1.0.

By Arjuna @ EliteX Media

Last week was a big week for the Lisk ecosystem with the release of the long awaited Alpha SDK (SDK 2.1.0) or Software Developer’s Kit, which is a key milestone for the whole Lisk project. The Lisk SDK will provide developers with a modular, easy-to-use kit to build their own blockchain projects using javascript, one of the most widely used coding languages in the world. Along with this release, significant upgrades to the Lisk Core (2.0.0) went live effectively paving the way for the SDK, as well as the Lisk Hub (1.19.1), which functions as the client for users to connect to the Lisk network. Not only is it the wallet for Lisk, it has now integrated a BTC wallet too.

Meetup at the Lisk Center

Moments from the Lisk Center Meetup in Utrecht.

During the same week, along with major updates and launching the SDK, EliteX Exchange rounded up projects working closely with the Lisk ecosystem: GNY ( and MADANA (, as well as the good folks from one of our recent listings IoTeX (, for which EliteX has signed on as delegate, and hosted a big meetup event at the Lisk Center Utrecht (LCU)(, co-hosted by Elite Center. As some of you may have already read in our previous article, GNY is developing machine learning on the blockchain, run via both its native token (GNY), and the LML

John Muck & Richard Jarritt give a demo of GNY

(Lisk Machine Learning) token — both listed on EliteX Exchange soon to run as a Lisk sidechain. You can check out John Muck (of Lisk Highlights fame), and Richard Jarritt (Founder, Chief R&D Officer) give a demo of GNY in action in the video to the left.

Larry Pang from IoTeX

Larry Pang, head of Business Development at IoTeX was there to give a keynote on the important issue of privacy in the intersection of blockchain and the coming Internet of Things (IoT), as well as an introduction to its in-house hardware project AvoBoard, to facilitate it on their network. If you haven’t yet read our writeup on IoTeX and the Internet of Things, you are encouraged to do so, because the IoT is set to change a lot of things about the way we live.

Other keynotes and presentations were made at the LCU meetup, including Eugen Salkutzan from MADANA, a blockchain project that specialises in privacy and data analytics. One of the highlights of the meetup, of course, was the presentations from Lisk HQ: a brief word from Max Kordek, president of Lisk, and Rachel Black from Lisk HQ ( who gave a preview demo of the Lisk SDK at work,

Rachel Black from Lisk HQ.

demonstrating the ease with which one can create a blockchain hosted on the Lisk network, followed by a Q&A session with both Max and Rachel. We would like to thank the LCU for doing a fabulous job as co-host and welcoming venue for this event, and look forward to more in the near future. It was a great event for all involved, and a belated chance to catch up and meet the people IRL who have been collaborating with each other for a long time across the digital divide. As we can see here:

Moosty from LCU & Hedy Bi from EliteX doing some preparation work over a liquid lunch, Utrecht style!

EliteX at the Lisk Center

Hedy Bi and CTO Haidong Liu had the chance to present on behalf of EliteX Exchange, Hedy presented an overview of the EliteX roadmap, and the roles

Hedy BI talks about roles of EliteX Exchange and Elite Center in the Lisk Ecosystem.

that the Elite Center in Xiamen and Tokyo will play as incubators for Lisk eco-system blockchain projects and businesses. And Haidong an insight into our

EliteX CTO Haidong Lu talks about plans for EDEX.

plans to launch a Decentralise Exchange on the Lisk network. Thanks to the LCU for posting the videos online.

EliteX Exchange Version 1.0

Last week also saw version 1.0 of EliteX Exchange go live, featuring many updates both aesthetic and functional. The front page has had a face lift, the trading panel now features an orderbook depth chart and users can switch the view to night mode.

EliteX now features staking rewards on the exchange.

The long-term aim for EliteX is not only to be yet another crypto asset exchange, but also to become an interactive asset management and investment platform. To that end, EliteX has initiated a new feature: Proof of Stake (PoS) block rewards distributed to our users who buy or deposit Lisk, IoTeX, and soon Decred. As a delegate node for these PoS blockchains, EliteX is currently distributing 100% of the rewards to its users. Sign up, login, and navigate to the Staking page for details.

EDEX: EliteX Exchange to go Decentralised

EliteX Exchange will build a Decentralised Exchange on the Lisk Ecosystem.

As the first exchange dedicated to the Lisk ecosystem, positioning to function as the primary exchange and marketplace to launch and trade future Lisk tokens, EliteX is the only exchange in the world to offer Lisk as the quote currency in its trading pairs. Furthermore, as Haidong presents in his talk at the LCU, with the release of the Lisk Alpha SDK, we are a step closer to building the first decentralised exchange built on the Lisk network, which will itself be a token-driven sidechain project. Not only will this provide a marketplace and liquidity for the whole Lisk ecosystem, connect it with the wider blockchain space at large, but also provide users with much greater account security, maintaining direct control and ownership over their funds.

Arjuna is Community Lead at EliteX Exchange, email:

Join the official EliteX Exchange telegram: Follow us on twitter and reddit.




Digital asset exchange & decentralised exchange built on the Lisk eco-system. Our official telegram:

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Digital asset exchange & decentralised exchange built on the Lisk eco-system. Our official telegram:

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