The lisk (LSK) award-winning essay activities highlights

1. Author:Mr Lu

“Keep basics, enter community, seek innovation, fast hatch, and excellent ecology”, it seems that the pace should be accelerated. Above-mentioned is my suggestion for the future development of Lisk.

2. Author:Cncoin

For the future development of blockchain, China is definitely a big market. Whether it is from the ranking of CCID or the development performance of lisk, lisk is a technical project. Though it is estimable in this coin circle, fortunately, the team’s funds are sufficient, the future development will certainly continue to progress. We also saw Elite Center’s efforts for ecological construction. Many conceptual versions of the dapp have begun to be announced, such as the previous shared bicycle system based on the Lisk blockchain is actually very concerned. In the end, the technical ability of lisk is still widely recognized by the chain circle. Provided that it takes time, lisk will be known to the coin circle!

3. Author: Blockman

With the continuous upgrade and improvement of the Lisk SDK, such as the Byzantine fault-tolerant POS consensus protocol, the calling mechanism between the side chain modules, developers can also implement more complex functions. For the current DeFi application, in addition to the above improvements, the following extensions can be considered to develop on the Lisk sidechain platform to further improve the platform functionality:

1. Realize the credit loan to the users. Though analyzing the analysis of user’s wallet address historical transaction, evaluate the user’s credit and risk level, a certain amount of assets without mortgage can be borrowed according to different default insurance;

2. Cross-chain asset trading, in addition to supporting Lisk and Tokens issued on its side chain, can also support mainstream digital assets such as BTC and ETH, making the user’s convenience of using the platform more convenient;

3. For the security protection of user assets, firstly, the multi-signature address of the lending and mortgage assets can be signed by the side chain nodes, and the transaction needs to be confirmed after some of the nodes are confirmed. It avoids the loss of assets caused by the loss of private key of a single node.

4. For contract expansion, if you want to support more types of financial products and more complex business logic, such as issuing stable coin based on digital currency mortgage, you need to have the support of smart contract function so that the upgrade of product logic will be more flexible and efficient.

4. Author:Jocelynking

In the development of DAPP, LISK provides developers with the best basic framework and endless possibilities. DAPPs developed through the LISK platform are unique and can run smoothly on their respective side chains. LISK project has been developed for more than 3 years. Therefore, it has a high reputation in the crypto community as well as many investors and users. However, there are few projects that developed by LISK getting the many people’s approval. Just like the previous side, which is a very complicated and difficult technology. The side chain is a completely independent entity in the system. After the development corresponding to the application, there must be enough running nodes in the process of use to keep the security of the network, while Bitcoin and Ethereum only need to guarantee its security to the environment of the main chain. Many side chains and main chains have the same complex environment, and the risk will increase exponentially. So when talking about how to solve the balance, the side chain technology plays a vital role in the subsequent explosion. LISK is still on the road, but has a clear goal and planning. EliteX is an important supporter of LISK. If more and more EliteX appears, more and more users produce good stickiness and word of mouth, then the dawn of LISK will come slowly. The world of blockchain needs the pioneers like LISK. The author will pay attention to LISK as one of the supporters of LISK. We hope to witness the moment that LISK rises.

5. Author:Mr HeHui Xu

One problem often criticized in the Ethereum network is that once a popular dApp breaks out in a period of time, it is easy to cause network congestion as well as the cost of Gas soaring. In order to solve this problem, the major public chains have different solutions, and the side chain is one of them.

By means of adding a main chain to a side chain, Lisk deploy the application in a side chain which connected to the main chain. The side chain has better plasticity, anonymity, concurrency, and fault tolerance. The side chain itself can also design its own tokens, consensus contracts, and so on. Developers can easily use the javascript language to build their own applications through the official Lisk SDK.

6. Author:Mr ChuanXian Chen

Lisk is the first decentralized application solution completely written in JS. It provides an SDK written in JavaScript language and detailed documentation, which opens up a new field of ecology and developers. As we all know, JavaScript language itself is very simple, fast to start with, and rich in tool chain. Lisk seize the first opportunity in developing language. Any web developer who knows JavaScript and Node.js can immediately transfer to Lisk to develop decentralized applications.

7. Author:Supporter for Lisk

It is the problem to be solved that we should use a very common Internet development language to realize the development of DAPP and provide a convenient and feasible SDK. It is a demand for sure because of the great difficulty of bitcoin development. The more popular the development language is, the more developers there are, and the lower the learning cost is. It is a real demand.

8. Author:Mr Li Fang

Technical highlights

1. Solve the problem of capacity expansion by means of the side chain plus main chain, the same as EOS. The application DAPP is deployed in the side chain, and the side chain is connected by the main chain to form a complete ecosystem. Compared with the main chain, it has better plasticity, anonymity, concurrency and fault tolerance. The side chain itself can design its own token, consensus contract and so on, nothing but needs LSK coins when crossing the side chain;

2. By adopting delegate agent mode to integrate the current blockchain application into lisk ecosystem, users can publish commissions and hire third-party services, which solves the problem of cross platform incompatibility. By delegate agent mode, DAPP, based on development of Ethereum, EOS and other public chains, can also be simply transplanted to the LISK ecosystem;

3. Lisk uses entire JavaScript language, bringing down the threshold of developers, so that traditional Internet developers can easily complete the transition of development tasks;

9. Author:Mr JiaQi Zhang

With the LSK ecosystem, developers can quickly deploy their JavaScript applications to the managed storage nodes, and immediately enter the execution nodes of LSK computing code.


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