Ten Ideas about 2021 #Blockchain

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2 min readDec 23, 2020


from Xiao Feng, translated by EliteX

As short as possible…

1. The blockchain technology framework has basically taken shape, entering the later stage of optimization iteration which kindly is at the initial stage of the Internet TCP/IP model.

Blockchain matures as a commercial infrastructure platform.

Blockchain applications are going to emerge.

2. The original business model of blockchain was born in the public chain ecosystem.

There is no native business model of LAN in the internet era and there is no native business model of consortium blockchain in the era of blockchain.

LAN and consortium blockchain are just tool attributes.

3. Digital technology integration and innovation will create the killer application of the blockchain industry. The killer application of blockchain industry will be built through digital technology and innovation

Cloud computing, Internet of Things, big data, AI, cryptography, and blockchain are digital technologies.

The core of blockchain business is large-scale collaboration.

4. Both Ethereum and Polkadot will launch multiple blockchain architectures, which will be the trend.

5. Bitcoin and ETH began to be invested in the mainstream wealth management model. From family office to investment fund portfolio, assets on the bank balance sheet will be massive invested.

6. The market value of BTC exceeds one trillion USD. Cf. trillion-dollar market capitalization companies: bitcoin and ETH will be trillion USD market value projects for blockchain business.

7. Ethereum completes the de-fi closed loop and it becomes a new financial infrastructure. It will take a different path from Bitcoin

8. Stablecoins are on the road to compliance.

USDC and others win because of its compliance.

9. It will have the separation of digital currency and digital asset.

Legal institutions issue digital currency.

Commercial institutions issue digital assets.


10. Sovereign digital currency, super-sovereign digital currency and non-sovereign digital are having their own place.



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