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4 min readSep 18, 2020


by Hedy

(Proofread by Chaos)

With De-Fi hype, the money attraction drives people into the wave. Some people told me another bull has been finished, only like 1 month. I wonder if this is the speed of digital world. In this age, social media and digital advertisements are filled in our daily life which gives us lots of channels and platforms to promote ourselves or products.

But first, we need a good one.

Lisk is a blockchain project with a very successful ICO, founded in early 2016 by Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. This start-up held offices in Berlin. Lisk was initially forked from the Crypti, a project which raised 750 BTC in July 2014 also founded by Max and Oliver. From my view, it was a re-launch, and Lisk mainnet launched in August 2018. Its ecosystem runs on TypeScript, a superset of the JavaScript executable programming language. LSK — the token ranks №70 according to coinmarket cap(September 10th) . By the end of September this year, reward per block will be reduced from 2 LSK to 1 LSK.

When I first heard about the project, Lisk was described as that it is a blockchain application platform like Android system which will be easily used to develop lots of apps for users. When seeing our daily life, the least time we spend on our mobile phone is just making a phone call. So from my own experience, this is the first time that I feel blockchain project is a concrete one like the utility you gained from using a tool or a service not just a cash game.

In one day

Going deeper, the greatest goal for lisk is said on its website:
Developer Tools

Build a blockchain application in one day with the Lisk SDK, written entirely in JavaScript and TypeScript.

‘In one day’ seems a big improvement for developers. But from my own view, the more difficult thing for developing Dapp is to make it useful for the targeted company or industry.

About the development, we could see Lisk got the top1 github commits.


DPoS and the ecosystem

Different types of mechanisms have different characters. For Lisk, DPos is not a stranger for anyone who already has experience in crypto world. DPoS is designed as an implementation of technology-based democracy, using voting and election process to protect blockchain from centralization and malicious usage. However, in Lisk, it seems the mechanism also needs to be improved to make the rewards encourage the people who do real to the Lisk ecosystem. The network has 101 delegates, or validators and a 10 second blocktime. Basically, Top 101 delegates will share rewards with their voters. The ratios are decided by delegate themselves. You could vote use your Lisk wallet — now it also supports bitcoin.

What surprises me is that its ecosystem filled with people who are very down to earth and hardworking. We always said about trust, like trust decentralized trend or trust digital currency change the world and it’s the time. I personally don’t agree with that. Huge changes wave with time and it will last for a period, so good project needs patience ignoring the flow of hot money.

Token distribution and its financial reports

The LSK ICO has been running for one month from late February 21 to late March 2016 with just over 3,900 participants raising 14,052 BTC or US$6,472,497 at that time. The LSK token price during the ICO was US$0.076. Initially, 100,000,000 LSK were created with 85% sold in the crowdsale and the remaining 15% of tokens split between the Lisk core team, post-ICO campaigns and bounties, advisors, partners, third parties, and early supporters.

LSK not that distributed…

The top 10 wallets on the network hold around 37% of the circulating supply. Fundamentals show little network use other than speculative demand with most of the network tokens owned by very few individuals.


However, being an outsider, Lisk did a decent blockchain way in this :

Its financial monthly report is clear and transparent and the project is holding sufficient BTC and other assets. With that transparent and decent, as well as the funds, Lisk could go for a long runway.

Centers popping up

Liskers will have 3 nice places to union and to build together: Lisk Center Utrecht , Lisk Center Tokyo and the coming Lisk Center Berlin.

What these centers could give you are the chances to learn about blockchain and Lisk, to grow and to build together. Also, with so many great people together under inspirational atmosphere, off- and on- line value will be created. I personally do admire one of some old theories about company strategy: create new value which is better than researching how to compete other companies in the same field.

All in all, I am looking forward to the future of Lisk.

It’s time to create.

It’s time to build.



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