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  • Interview the biggest investor for the exchange

Before your reading, it might be just a short article with a long history; it might not be a complete story but a man’s thoughts.

Better to directly start:

Q1: Why do you want to stand up this year?

B: During the COVID-19 period, it was not easy for all industries. I have been in the crypto world for almost 10 years, and I am well aware of the monopoly of the crypto exchanges area so that it will be more and more difficult to list new tokens on relatively big exchanges. I am very familiar with the market not only in China but also in Japan. So why me and Leo feel the importance to establish a place for Lisk ecosystem to list their tokens for free and trade freely. Of course, a new exchange is difficult to operate.

So during the quarantine, when some members of our team were isolated in their own country, I think it’s time for me,as the biggest shareholder of EliteX.io, to stand up and at least give them confidence showing that we will continue to do it. After all, every individual has their own family. I personally donated a certain amount medical resources not that much but still try my best to do something better. Hopefully we human beings will have a brighter future sooner.

Q2: Give us more details about why Elitex.io?

B: I have been involved in the construction of Lisk since ICO. As an old and experienced developer, I did not directly start to do some Lisk tools like new stars in the Lisk ecosystem now. However, I know that if a ecosystem wants to be lively, the token of projects must have utility like economics saying. When we decided to start an exchange, whether it is a decentralized exchange or a centralized exchange, we know lisk ecosystem lacks such a place. In fact, our original intention is very simple and direct.

Q3: Have you considered that the exchange has no trading volume or is it particularly difficult to do?

B: Yes, you can read some reports online. Whether it’s in the traditional internet industry or the crypto world, the cost of gaining one user is very high. Why do you think that the listing fee charged by some big ones are extremely expensive,right?

At least, it’s better for Lisk ecosystem to have a trading place with 0 listing fee and then maybe they can use the data to apply for bigger exchanges with less listing fees.

I’d like Elitex to be the base for DApps which is based on Lisk SDK. Of course, I also hope that we can be giants, and it will be better for projects to stand on the shoulders of giants.

Q4:Do you have any regrets in the elitex.io?

B: As you can see, our exchange is in the suspending status. We will re-open this year. Besides some suggestions and corrections from Lisk community(Appreciation for them), the biggest pity for me is that we don’t match the right timing. Our developers are good, from my view, at least they launched 1.0 within 0.5 year.

Although we suspend, some functions such as money withdrawal are normal. We know trading is related to the money in everyone’s pocket, we are very careful.

I’m also looking at other opportunities to do more for the Lisk ecosystem. But now it’s my second restaurant in Tokyo that costs my time.

My other business supports LSK payment in Japan, and we offer a discount if you pay with your LSK to have a meal or buy a watch.

Q5: So it looks like you support Lisk with a very strong will. Why Lisk?

B: After reading the whitepaper of Lisk since ICO, I have been very optimistic about the project. If all the things mentioned in the whitepaper can be implemented one by one, then Lisk is really a great and magnificent blockchain project. Therefore, without hesitation to participate in ICO, it can be regarded as one of my major participants in ICOs.

After Lisk ICO, I consider myself as one of Lisk community, so I start my journey.

Old days — with Max and BTCbox Japan

Q6: As you mentioned ‘ ICOs’, meaning there are some other investment businesses. Which specific area do you prefer now?

B: Before joining the Lisk, I also participated in FCT, gems and other projects. When I saw Lisk, I put most of my money at that time in Lisk. I am more optimistic about the application of blockchain in real world for really solving problems. For example, vechain which I also joined is a good practical public chain. This is my investment preference.

Recently, I am also working on the tech development and business development with local companies for blockchain application. When the production-ready SDK come out, it’s really THE TIME for me and other Lisk ecosystem true contributors to do something great.

Thank you for your reading.

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